There are several opportunities to get involved in the community of users. APMonitor is available with a MATLAB or Python interface. The newest and most capable interface is the Python GEKKO package that is available with

                        pip install gekko

Feature Request or Bug Report

To request an enhancement or report a bug, please consider submitting to the issue tracking in the GEKKO Github Repository . If it is a MATLAB/Simulink enhancement or bug report, please send a message to the e-mail user group.

APMonitor and GEKKO Tutorials

There are many APMonitor and GEKKO tutorials that are in the Dynamic Optimization Course , APMonitor Documentation , and GEKKO Documentation.

Help with a Project

As a first step, please search in the e-mail discussion group below or for the GEKKO topic tags on StackOverflow . If there isn't a solution, please consider posting a question with a Mimimal, Complete, and Verifiable example . If you give it a GEKKO tag with [gekko] , the subscribed community will be alerted to your question and be able to give a quicker response.

Two additional opportunities for support include regular Webinars from leading experts and with a discussion forum where questions can be posted or answered with the Google Group: ( Visit discussion group).

APMonitor User's Group is a discussion forum for new and experienced users of optimization and control software.  It is dedicated to sharing user experiences and submitting feature requests.  First time users are encouraged to work through a few tutorial examples.  APMonitor is designed with minimal overhead syntax so that constraints, variables, equations, and data structures are a natural expression of the actual problem.  This allows the user to focus more on their problem and less on the language.